Design For Honesty

Based on international data, India is ranked 28 in “Getting Credit” and the coverage of CICs accounts for only 19.8% of adult population, as against 100% in several countries. ".

At RedCarpet, we are designing for the Next Billion Users in India - this was not good enough. We wanted to make sure that when users hand over their data to us, they are making a full informed, thoughtful choice… and we are just not hedging on permission blindness to get an app install. Which is why we designed our own permissions screen.

we wanted to answer 3 questions:

  1. How do you give credit, when nobody else can ? (by using your data to help in our risk evaluation)
  2. What data do you take from me ? (SMS, contacts, geolocation, etc)
  3. How do you use this data and how do you safeguard it ? (verification calling, security, SSL, etc)