Tailored Credit for the "Bharat Credit" market - The Next 500 million Indians

" Manjula would borrow a couple of 100 rupees from the local moneylender - at a 5% daily rate of interest - in the morning, and then use that to purchase her supply of flowers for the day from the wholesalers.

She would then retail them at 3 or 4 different locations through the day in various forms, and was probably making a net of about Rs 150-200 per day on average for her day’s labour, after repaying the money lender at the end of the day.

The economics seemed to be working well for both of them. This scene has kind of stayed with me through the years, but has come to the fore in more recent times, as I along with my co-founders at WonderLend Hubs, started looking at the large “Bharat Credit” market in great detail - a market consisting largely of a huge variety of “new to credit” borrowers."