Welcome to Account Aggregator Ecosystem Community

DigiSahamati Foundation (Sahamati) is a Collective of Account Aggregator ecosystem set up as a not-for-profit private limited company under Section 8 of the new Companies Act of India.

Different islands silo the data about a person or an entity (personal, professional, educational, financial, or healthcare). They are available with various financial institutions, telecom companies, government institutions, or with healthcare companies. The aggregated data provides a full view of a person or the company and is essential to build better products and services.

There is no framework that either aggregate all the data or enables the persons and entities to share the data securely (with consent), or allows an entity to access the data. The mechanism available for a person or entity to collect, collect, and share the data either physically electronically is slow and expensive. As a result of this friction in data sharing, large amounts of data are not leveraged and slowing down the progress from a ‘data-rich’ society to an ‘economic-rich’ society.

Account Aggregators (AA) are RBI regulated new class of NBFCs that provides a framework to share and consume consented data over a digital platform. The frameworks allow a person or entity to offer explicit digital consent to data providers (known as Financial Information Providers, FIP) to share their data with data consumers (known as Financial Information Users, FIU). The AA acts as a conduit between FIPs and FIUs and does not process, store, or even view the encrypted data flowing through it.

A brief description of this discussion forum

  1. It is a forum for AA, FIPs, and FIUs.
  2. These forums to be used to discuss topics related to standards, policies, and other technical issues.
  3. Seek feedback from the developer ecosystem about what changes and improvements to make for future releases.
  4. Transfer learnings and best practices from one another
  5. Help reduce friction in the implementation cycle.

We encourage the participants to be active in these forums. You can visit https://sahamati.org.in/account-aggregator-key-resources/ to access the essential documents.

If you are curious to know ongoing initiatives other than AA, then you can visit OCEN (http://ocen.discussion.ispirt.in/) community discussion forum or National Health Stack (HealthStack.discussion.ispirt.in) discussion forum.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this discussion forum, please send an email to info@sahamati.org.in